Apartment 7E Demos

by Level II Radio Theatre

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released February 14, 2015



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Level II Radio Theatre Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: The Hard Sell
Rose: Original ceiling minimal rusting

Hardwood floors make easy dusting

Plaster walls built in bookcases

Two non working fire places
1 bedroom with cedar closet

Claw foot tub with pewter faucets 

Range top stove refrigerator

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Laura: What's with this fireplace

There's something about this fireplace

Its like a song

That's caught my ear

Travis: This molding looks like needs replacing

Rose: A nice big window

Travis: Brick wall facing

Rose: Plenty of space with natural lighting

Travis: The color of the foyer is fairly frightening.

Laura: What's with this fireplace?

There's  something about this fireplace

I'm in awe

Or is that fear?

Travis: I don't know its so expensive

The neighborhood makes me apprehensive

This kitchen's small for proper cooking

I think we should keep on looking
Laura: Trav I think its rather charming

Claw foot tubs are so disarming

Its a lot but we can make it

Rose my dear, I think we'll take it

And this fireplace

There's something about this fireplace

Like its been waiting for me here.
Track Name: The Aching
Maurice: The waiting

The aching

Days upon years of a freezing existence

The darkness

The silence

Oblivion laid on a cold slab of sorrow

But now

This girl


This girl

She's glowing

She's shining

A light in these hallways until now in darkness

She knows me

She shows me

All the things left in this world to wake up for

I've slept

So long

But now

This girl

She speaks my name as if she knows me

What can I do

To make her hear my true voice?

All I can do

Is clang these damn pipes
Track Name: Him or Me

Is it him or me

What has he got

That I haven't got

Flesh for one

She can cling to his while he walks next to her
Flesh for one

I'm a shadow I barely exist to her

Flesh for one

Is it him or me

What has he got

That I haven't got

He's got silver and gold

He can buy her things take her to restaurants

Silver and gold

I have nothing I'm homeless and penniless.

Silver and gold

Is it him or me

What have I got

That he hasn't got
I got class and charm

I can comfort her sing her a melody

Class and charm

He's abrasive and lacking in subtlety

Class and charm

Is it him or me

Could she forgive me

For all my sins

I don't know

I'm a murderer guilty of homicide

She doesn't know

That my actions were valiant and justified

God knows

God no
Track Name: Stop Hiding
I can't see you till you stop hiding
What on earth could be more clear

Come out from behind these walls

And swallow all your pride and fear

I can't see you till you stop hiding

Its time to play another game

Hopscotch or maybe capture the flag

Whatever you can name

You know I'd never try to shame you

The only judge is in the sky

I know you're shy and I don't blame you

I can see you were ashamed enough to die

But fly now to me

I can't see you till you stop hiding

Feels like I know you from the past
Come out and show yourself

So I can understand this feeling

That's all that I ask

I know there's no way to contain you

Only a fool would even try

I'm feeling love though its insane to

I'm waiting for the godlight from your eyes

To shine down on me

Olly olly oxen free 

Jiggity jig

I can't see you till you stop hiding

I mean you no harm rest assured

I'm reaching our to you with only kindness with my arms and my words

Jiggity jig.