Neon Sun, Episode 6

from by Level II Radio Theatre

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In this episode a soy silo is blown up, Stanley reveals his new project, and we meet Lana Savinsky.


Lament of the Neon Sun:
an epic poem by Lana Savinsky
copyright 2061,
all rights reserved.

First verse: Cramped Giraffes.

When god decided to destroy all life on earth,
he told Noah to build a vessel strong enough to withstand the coming cataclysm:
The Ark.
Compelled by the word of God, Noah filled his completed ark with every animal he could find, so he could steward life's rebirth after the storm.
But Noah was at sea for so long,
his soul became ill
and his brain was devoured by fear and desperation.
He lost his bearings.
One day while standing on the deck of his floating holding cell, noah spied a dove, flying out of the dawn.
It set down just next to him, clutching an olive branch.
He took the branch from the fair bird's beak, and tossed it away into the flood waters.
He never spoke of this to the animals.
For he knew, that if he were to land,
Other ships could be built
And new captains could arise.
Noahs twisted pride would not allow this.
And he sails on today, while we,
the giraffes and antelopes and even tigers,
We lie docile, eating the gruel made from the ground unfortunates,
and allowing our stalls to be mucked without protest.
But what noah refuses to accept
What the animals don't realize
And what god knows is this:
You can take a giraffe out of africa,
but it's more trouble than its worth.


from Neon Sun, released May 17, 2013
Produced By Ben Folstein

Voices by
Shelly Hamilton
Peter Dizozza
Fred Potter
Anne Beardsley
Dylan Latimer
Jason Viseltear
Ben Folstein

Music by Tony Delorenzo and Ben Folstein

Created by Julian Rowe and Ben Folstein


all rights reserved



Level II Radio Theatre Brooklyn, New York

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